What opportunities adjacent to their core business might ELIOR capitalize on in order to make an efficient use of their installed capacity?



Opportunity Spaces


Elior Group is a worldwide leader with over 35 brands in the catering and support services industry, with a mission to serve delicious, healthy and eco-friendly food. The Group operates in nine countries, including France, the US, Spain, Italy and India offering personalized solutions and innovative concepts for the business & industry, education, healthcare, and leisure markets. ELIOR wanted to explore new opportunity spaces to leverage existing production capacity in France.
Our team worked with three different business units separately and learned about their key capabilities to make sure we were not going to propose anything that was not realistic or feasible. We also studied the marketplace participants and consumer behavior. We formulated alternative concepts for each business unit and tested them with actual clients. The team was able to achieve “problem solution fit” through low cost/high impact market experiments. We provided each business unit with powerful materials they could leverage in their sales conversations with clients to explain the new offering. The new offerings are currently being offered to old and new clients alike and 2024 will demonstrate how much traction is gained from our collaboration.

We identified three alternative opportunity spaces within the hospitality, food retail and food service market segments and formulated a value proposition in each of them. We created mock representations of the value propositions and tested them with relevant customer segments and prioritized the alternative plays according to their chances of success.