How can we support First Stop’s leadership’s goals to rapidly identify new business opportunities and implement new business models that deliver positive results?

BRIDGESTONE - “First Stop”


New Business Models


Bridgestone is the second largest global tire manufacturer. Headquarter leadership set aggressive revenue growth goals for their fast car service division, First Stop, in Spain. To achieve these, they implemented a strategy aimed at generating new revenue sources to deliver higher value-added services to specific customer segments.
We formulated a two-year plan beginning with working sessions to align on the goals and strategy. Our team worked with the C-suite as a whole and individually with its members to identify new opportunities and formulate new business models. We met quarterly with leadership and by the end of the first year we had developed a number of out of the box initiatives from which the company selected two to study more deeply over the following year. We continued with our quarterly mentoring for implementation, planning, and testing. From these sessions we created a roadmap for implementation, including timetables, tasks, and the assignment of roles and responsibilities. We continued mentoring the executives on a one-on-one basis until the end of the program.

From the ongoing mentoring and roadmap developed, First Stop has successfully adapted its services to the unique requirements for electric and hybrid cars. They have launched new services and business lines in this segment such as a network of charging stations and a partnership with a key players in the electric delivery vehicle arena.