What new business models can Canyon launch around e-racing to generate new sources of revenue for the company and the professional riders on their e-racing team?

CANYON (in partnership with Rainmaking)




CANYON seeks to grow the popularity of e-racing products by making it more appealing to sponsors, generating new revenue opportunities for athletes and growing Canyon’s brand equity. Canyon is a global electric bike manufacturer that seeks to build the best bikes and enable unforgettable ride experiences.
After settling on the problem statement, we explored two themes and four sub-themes and scouted for solutions globally in the audience engagement, transparency, data and e-betting arenas. From 180 startups initially reviewed, we conducted in-depth interviews with 30 of them and invited eight to a selection day with Canyon where two finalists were invited to co-create solutions. The areas chosen by Canyon were in biker identity verification and e-racing training.

CANYON ZCC (Zwift Cycling Club) continues to shape and refine the co-creation initiatives with the two startups we helped select.