How can Pressto identify an underserved market segment and create a new portfolio of services and technology tools designed specifically for it in a world where people have less and less time for taking care of their clothes?





PRESSTO is a dry cleaning franchise present in 19 countries across 5 continents. In order to gain competitive advantage and make the brand more attractive to franchisees around the world, the franchisor wanted to expand its offering beyond laundry and dry cleaning services and offer alternative retail models.
Pressto put a wealth of customer insight at our disposal. Our discovery phase looked more like a data mining project than a design thinking one. We engaged Pressto’s leadership and key employees in collaborative sessions to surface ideas. We generated six alternative solutions, some very advanced tech concepts, and others basic 19th century revisited. We unearthed key assumptions and validated them with low-cost market experiments. After digging into different market segments we honed in on “Mr Lazy” He is in his 30’s, lives alone and can’t now understand how a dirty shirt he left on the floor or threw into the laundry bag suddenly appears clean and ironed in his closet!! The most out-of-the box solutions never made it to the Service Portfolio but they inspired many of the innovations that Pressto has launched since our project completed. .

Pressto’s portfolio of services grew from a only a few to thirteen. Additionally, an app was created to help clients manage their orders and four alternative retail concepts have been implemented.