How can Petronas leverage their loyal vendor and supplier network to launch relevant and profitable new products and services?



Supplier Co-Creation of New Services


Petronas, is a global Malaysian oil and gas company with a presence in over 100 countries. They explore, produce and deliver energy worldwide. As part of their innovation strategy they launched a program to co-create new services with their suppliers.
The Think Creative team conceived of and developed a fast paced co-creation program to generate a large number of quick wins in Petronas’ key businesses: upstream, downstream, gas, and clean energy. Over a short sprint we facilitated dozens of co-creation workshops between top management at the business unit level and suppliers of all sorts. The next stage, included inviting targeted startups to the conversation. We coached the teams on a one on one basis to ensure the meetings were successful and messaging was targeted to specific challenges and opportunities.

As a result of our work, “quick win” new services and business models were formulated and delivered to Petronas innovation teams for testing.