Banco Compartamos

How might Fiinlab disrupt the microfinance industry while generating new growth engines for Compartamos Bank?

Banco Compartamos: “Financial Inclusion Innovation Lab”


Venture Building


Banco Compartamos is the largest microfinance bank in Latin America. Deep changes in the competitive environment and the exhaustion of their traditional business model led to the creation of their Financial Inclusion Innovation Lab (Fiinlab)
The Think Creative team initially worked alongside Banco Compartamos’ Chief Innovation Officer and subsequently, with the Fiinlab CEO in a four-stage approach where we: – Formulated and deployed a Customer Insight Development strategy, – Designed and implemented an Idea Generation Engine, – Designed and managed a Venture Building Methodology and Process, and – Mentored the venture building team on an ongoing basis.

We helped Banco Compartamos launch Fiinlab and saw it grow from a team of three people to over 30, we went from running small low hanging fruit innovation programs to simultaneously mentoring a dozen venture building initiatives in different stages, many of which saw the light of day.