How do we leverage the planar magnetic technology to craft a value proposition that appeals first to the audiophiles and then moves towards more mainstream targets?

HELM Audio


Product Innovation


HELM Audio is an award-winning audio innovation & mobile audio technology company. Founded in 2017 by a team of industry veterans with a passion to deliver better sound quality to avid fans who know the difference Planar Magnetic had long been considered the highest quality audio technology, though very expensive. Until Helm disrupted the industry.
Grammy-winning producer Mike Dean — known best as the mind behind Kanye West’s most popular songs — saw an opportunity to develop specialized headphones using planar magnetic sound technology in a market driven by lifestyle brands. Intense market research helped segment the customer base and develop psychographic profiles to identify audio products that fell adjacent to high-fidelity headphones. We tested our assumptions and learned there are a lot of audiophiles who appreciated quality hardware, but couldn’t afford it (because they’re young, starving artists). Think Creative was part of the founding team contributing headphone product design featuring the audio technology developed by our partners. We focused on brand innovation, market positioning and the go-to-market strategy for their successful launch.

Helm received a CES Innovation Award in 2021. We sold our stake in the company to our partners as a prerequisite from a new potential investor as it was deemed that our contribution to the venture had already taken place. It was a successful experience for all involved!