How can we leverage an exclusive data technology in the P2P arena and create products and services to support the development of the industry?



Service Innovation


The rise of P2P lending and its transformation into the current lending marketplace comes along with problems ranging from regulatory compliance, to failures in risk assessment. This was the opportunity sought by a group of financial markets and rating agencies experts and Think Creative joined in the effort from early on.
Think Creative supported the founding team in developing the overall value proposition as well as creating specific products and services. We ran several initiatives to validate assumptions and achieve product market fit. We continue to mentor the founding team and support them in fundraising rounds.

To this day, Crowdbureau collects, consolidates and unifies data from 91 marketplace credit platforms across the United States, Europe, China and India. They regularly deliver risk alerts and market indexes to the marketplace lending and securities crowdfunding industries. Crowdbureau is uniquely positioned to becom an alternative rating agency for those assets.