Mas Del Serral

How can Raventós I Blanc (RiB) introduce its Mas del Serral sparkling wine product in a highly saturated market, with a clear preference for Champagne wines and where Spanish Cava is considered a lower quality cheaper product?

Mas Del Serral


Product development & Softlanding


Leader in the high end segment of sparkling wine, RiB needed help in crafting a unique product aimed at the prestige champagne consumer market segment in the U.S.
When Pepe Raventos knocked on our door, we had conducted research into a new market segment category, the NEO: those whose purchase decisions are not driven by status, price and functionality but by the connection they have with the brand and its values. When we learned about the obstacles he was facing with his top of the range wines, we immediately thought there could be a good fit. After an intensive discovery phase working with key RiB personnel as well as U.S.- based wine retailers, connoisseurs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and wine lovers in general, we proposed to focus on the NEO customer segment to craft the emotional aspects of the value proposition. We also worked on the distribution and customer relationship strategies.

Mas del Serral was launched in 2017 and acclaimed right away by both critics and wine lovers. Our recommendations were successfully executed to the smallest detail. The 2008 vintage was sold out in weeks and its success spilled over to the rest of their wine portfolio.