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The Potential of Chatbots

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Recently we have been interested in the rise and use of the Chatbot.  A chatbot is that thing on a website that you can talk with as if it were another person.  Companies such as Sephora and Facebook have successfully used chatbots, among thousands of other websites that you probably make trips to daily.  Chatbots have become so popular in recent years because they mimic actual people.  This gives a business an undeniable advantage in their customer service, granted that the chatbot works correctly.  

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage and chatbots are an easier way to incorporate such intelligence into a business model.  Here are some benefits of the chatbot: personalization with each consumer to boost sales, a quicker payment method, gaining customer insight for marketing, and increasing your engagement with your consumer. Besides just offering a cool new feature to a website, chatbots can also revolutionize the way businesses do their business.  One exciting and recent example is the “negotiating chatbot” that Facebook is trying to deliver.  The idea is that, on a personal level, the chatbot will learn a user’s preferences and take that into consideration when talking with friends or family.  The chatbot will also be able to negotiate with customer service representatives.  According to news buzzing around this new technology, we won’t be seeing this type of chatbot right away, but definitely sometime in the future.  Just thinking about the ability for a computer to do what would normally be an annoyance to us, is pretty incredible.

Some of the projects that we are currently working on offer the possibility of a chatbot as part of the service delivery process. Right now we are including them in financial services and lifestyle concierge projects. A couple years ago it was a key component for a business model we designed, combining the insurance and grocery industries!

How do you build a chatbot?  It probably sounds daunting and scary to get started but it’s really not that bad!  Do your own research on services that you can use to build your bot.  They are easily accessible on all search engines.  Then just follow instructions from there.  The benefits of one of these little tools is much greater than the work building up to it.  What are your thoughts and opinions on chatbots? Leave a comment below!



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