Oraceutical LLC is a leading oral care research, development, manufacturing and marketing company that has developed some of the most technically advanced oral care products on the market today. The company develops and manufactures its own teeth whitening products and technologies that are sold on QVC under the Smileactives® brand name. The company also develops, licenses, and manufactures products and technologies for third parties, including CVS/Pharmacy, Duane Reade/Walgreen’s, Procter & Gamble, Ranir, Idea Village, Philips Sonicare, Premier Dental Products, IntelliWHITE, Virbac and others. Oraceutical’s products and technologies are sold to both consumers and dental professionals.

Oraceutical was seeking to expand upon the successful infomercial presence of its brand Smileactives by establishing it in brick-and-mortar retail locations.


Not only are the TV and in-person shopping experiences very different, they command very different consumers. Therefore our work with Smileactives began with an in-depth analysis of the retail whitening purchaser – determining what motivates and activates them from a product and branding perspective. With this understanding, we helped Smilactives execute a rebranding overhaul – creating an updated look that spoke to retail purchasers without alienating their existing TV audience and partners.


    1. Unearth: We began by meeting with the C Suite of Oraceutical to create customer profiles and segmentations. With these segmentations in place, we revaluated Smileactives’ TV product offering, and found the areas in which they didn’t fully satisfy brick-and-mortar retail requirements. Based on these requirements we created customer profiles, and formulated a catalogue of the product’s  emotional  attributes.  
    2. Develop Customer Insight: 4 one-to-two hour workshops were executed with i) people involved in retail of similar products and ii) potential customers to determine what motivates and activates them in the brick-and-mortar channel.
    3. Formulate Brand Features for the Brick-and-Mortar: We presented alternative sets of brand features to Oraceutical, followed by our recommendation as to which one should be used to execute the rebranding overhaul.





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