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What is with online stores wanting to be brick and mortar?

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This idea of online companies almost reversing what would be expected and actually purchasing brick and mortar stores is all the rage right now. According to Forbes, “survival in today’s retail environment means merging physical and digital”. Although it’s no surprise that online shopping and apps have blown up, and continue to do so year to year, the presence of an actual store is what customers are also craving. As convenient as it is to buy something with one click on Amazon, it’s also pretty convenient to stop by a store on the way home and get instant gratification.

The online world has created a type of people that want things now. This can’t always come to fruition online, and therefore, the combination of brick and mortar and online companies is truly striking a balance. Just a few examples of this are: Warby Parker, Casper, and the Amazon Book store.  The Amazon Books store merges online and in-person by placing the Amazon user rating and reviews under each physical book in the store. This brick and mortar opening allows users to actually hold and look through a book but obtain the same price saving benefits of Amazon online. Considering the place that we are at with wanting everything now, opening a physical location with time-saving benefits is a smart strategic move for online businesses. Some time-saving benefits that stores could include are: portable scanners, and order ahead and pick-up in store. People also want their apps to do something for them. There are too many for the amount of storage capacity in our phones. If apps can direct someone into a store and serve them some sort of benefit while in that store, then this may be an app that they are willing to have on their home screen.

It makes you think about what businesses could possibly do next? Since online is no longer fast enough for us, besides stores, what else can companies do to please the consumer? It seems that as of now, the merging of brick and mortar with online has been successful. People are getting excited about seeing their favorite online shops in person so that they can physically go in and fully take in what they are purchasing.

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