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Is the Age of Innovation at Apple Over?

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Is the Age of Innovation at Apple Over?

Apple seems to have hit an innovation block, or so suggest its release records for the past few years. The company rose to fame for its innovative product design and ahead-of-its-time offerings. In a short span of 12 years between 1998 and 2010, it had introduced five market leaders in various segments—the iMac, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, and iPad. In comparison, statistics for the last five years raise a question mark, as no revolutionary product that truly wowed the customer has been offered. Is the leadership change from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook responsible for this step down?

Further, Apple has lost many an opportunity to competitors such as Samsung, HP, and others. If Apple were to truly retain and regain the customer loyalty it had built over the years, it must up its innovation game. It’s now or never, as only the fittest survive in the cut-throat competitive world of tech. Here is a look at why Apple no more fits the innovation bill.

1. MacBook Pro Touch Bar: Apple seems to have introduced random features as purely vacuous ploys, serving no apparent functions whatsoever. For example, the touch strip above the keyboard serves no true purpose, often forcing users to unlearn and relearn new ways of operating the Apple machine. Although marketed by Apple as the “biggest leap forward yet,” it appears to be a far cry from being truly innovative.

2. Voice recognition gone wrong: The likes of Amazon and Google have gone way ahead in the voice assistant area. It now sounds bizarre that Apple was the pioneer of voice interactions—it was the first to introduce Siri in its iPhone 4S in 2011, way before anyone else had even thought about it. Sadly, Apple failed to tap into the first mover advantage by not making it smart and useful for the user. In fact, Amazon recognized the potential and applied voice recognition to devices other than phones, thus creating the Amazon Echo interactive speaker.

3. Microsoft has taken over the innovation baton: Microsoft has recently been on a roll for product innovation. In computers, it pioneered the 2-in-1 category…

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