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Into Tech, Innovation & Political Activism: Humanity Needs Your Gadgets & Ap More Than Ever

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When I was lived in San Francisco way back, in the 1980s, I shop for food at Safeway & at times, notice, Japanese executives, in business suit, obviously, not an employee of Safeway. And the Japanese went around food shelves, with pen and a paper, recording goods prices. Before I left San Franciaco many years later, I noticed the Japanese, doing the same thing, but this time, they used a high-tech gadget, and gone was pen and paper.

I have no idea why they do that, probably related to research & trade, but I am just thinking, there is a “Boycott Movement” in America against Trump.

& I just thinking would be so great, if I had a high-tech gadget, affordable, to help me, “Boycott Products” tied to the Trump or related to Trump. when shopping.

For example, apart from Trump has many business, tied strongly to Trump is for example, Fox News, and a great many advertisers, advertise on Fox News Channel. So in effect, these advertisement and helping Trump. The for example, there are a great many GOP Congressmen, who are stout supporters of Trump, such as Mitch. And Mitch gate lots of donations from companies.

So would it not be great, if there was a Gadget, helps me when I shop, like for groceries, to quickly identify, which product is like advertise on Fox News or give campaign contribution to like Mitch.

There are already some Gadgets out there, not related to Trump, but other.

This activist, @GoodbyeKoch, trying get money away and out of DC politicians, and he welcomed activist, to use his “Computer Application”…

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