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Branding trends businesses should consider in 2017

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We can all foresee 2017 standing strong on the side of real authenticity, unfiltered imperfection, individuality and humanity, as well as the growth of non-manufactured resources, so how will this affect trends in branding in the New Year.

Your brand story: redefining authenticity

We’ve all heard about the importance of creating an authentic story and brand positioning in order for your brand to connect with its audience. However, it seems brands have over-reacted to that particular trend. There are now, by our rough estimate, 184,597,433,860 references to ‘authenticity’ used to brand products and services, according to Eric Pinckert at BrandCulture.

In 2017, adding words such as “authentic, authenticity, artisanal and handmade” and so on will no longer have the needful impact and meaning, and may appear fake to the consumer. These words have been used by so many brands to date, that Generation Y and Z will no longer believe what is told in the ad about the brand, its heritage, and its authenticity.

In the New Year, it is time for brands to redefine what authentic really means in their story. It may no longer be just about heritage, but rather staying true to oneself. New customers will look for brands that are more honourable, open and transparent, respects the consumer, partnerships, and communities.

A brand’s positioning authenticity is now more focused on the future: leadership and being innovative, standing strong for positive changes in society, ethics, and integrity.

Packaging vs. product

With a great demand for the truth, branding may shift its focus towards product design itself, rather than packaging alone. We can see it especially vivid in the food sector. Elements such as transparent bottles, simple minimum design, natural and easily readable ingredients, being open on manufacturing and overall process involved in production will prevail. An expensive short-lived packaging can still appear attractive to a consumer’s eye, yet may affect company’s reputation in a not so favourable way in a long run.

Use of natural and recyclable materials, while staying away from plastics, will affect a brand’s direction on ethical decisions for producing durable and green products with minimum packaging design….

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