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At Think Creative, we help businesses increase sustainable top-line growth by developing innovative products, services, and brand extensions, and by creating and implementing new ventures with an entrepreneurial approach.

Great ideas are great, but tangible results are better. With a unique multifaceted tool kit, we transform attractive growth opportunities into actionable strategies.

We conceive new products, services and businesses based on a deep understanding of the needs and motivations of customers. Then we market-test them in low-cost, highly effective experiments until we have something marketable with high chances for success. Here is an e-document we’ve put together, which explores this process of experimentation.

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We employ unique consumer insight strategies to gather an in-depth understanding of their needs and desires. By analyzing the market’s ability to satisfy those demands (including our clients’), we identify attractive market gaps prime for capitalization.


New revenue opportunities often lie in market categories adjacent to your core business. We help you seize them, generating a business model that’s profitable and practical, which your company is already prepared to execute.


We develop unique solutions to capitalize on market gaps. We explore every option, from adding features to your current products and services to expanding your portfolio with new ones. With a growth direction chosen, our creative and design teams create the product or service, while our market and finance teams check its economic feasibility. 


Even the best products still need great branding and packaging design to compete. After developing the product’s branding and packaging design guidelines, we call in the design hot shots from our sister company Imagemme.


You don’t want to hire consultants every time you want to update your products and services. We can help you keep this work in-house by transferring our innovation skills to your team, and then creating processes tailored to your organizational structure.


Our client list varies in many ways, however they all share the same open-mindedness toward innovative growth.


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Most handheld devices are sold at carrier stores where the manufacturer has little selling power. To overcome this we conducted on-site research to improve the existing customer segmentation and then created customized value propositions for each segment.

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How do you sell insurance along with produce, household supplies, and apparel? By understanding how customers shop and challenging conventional retail mantras to develop a unique retail model.

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As a commoditized service, a dry-cleaners needs a unique value proposition to grow significantly. We helped Pressto identify an underserved market segment, and created a portfolio of services and technology tools designed specifically for it.

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The Financial Inclusion Lab at Gentera in Mexico is designing, developing and testing innovative financial solutions for the unbanked. We are mentors to the internal venture teams and advisors to the Chief Innovation Officer.

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A global leader in marine services for mega yachts, BWA was looking to create a new business line in the B2C space where they could leverage their B2B positioning. Think Creative helped craft a growth opportunity and delivered a full business model, including its value proposition, value delivery model, and go-to-market strategy.

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A popular beverage in Europe, fermented cider must be poured from a particular angle and height to ensure the adequate aeration. Our client created its own device to simplify this process, which we reinvented both aesthetically and technologically.

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A major presence in the Kosher spirits space, Stropkov had a great product but dated packaging design. In order to capture further Kosher market share and expand into the non-Kosher market, Stropkov needed a branding and packaging makeover.

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Nonprofits are under consistent pressure to increase earned revenue to pay for their operational expenses. After an in-depth analysis of Accion’s loan process, we developed a pipeline of new products and helped implement the lowest-hanging fruit.

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 A major player in the oil and gas industry, Repsol is a highly innovative company that has embraced the “lean startup” movement. They relied on us to develop a comprehensive approach to new product experimentation and to train their innovation champions.

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Originally a Style Center for MOMO, the iconic Formula 1 steering wheel manufacturer, MOMO Design became a lifestyle accessory designer in its own right in the early 2000’s. When they realized the need for a Flagship store in Milano, we helped them by establishing an unique customer segmentation and creating an in-store experience for each segment. Eventually we worked with local architect firm MODUS to translate our concept into a brick and mortar facility.

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Georgette Klinger


A revolutionizing force in cosmetic skin care, Georgette Klinger became synonymous with the industry. After several years under the radar, the iconic brand engaged us to strategize and execute its branding facelift for a new century.

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IC Realtech


A well-known brand in the B2B security and surveillance technology arena, IC Realtech had developed a 360º video and streaming technology with a lot of potential in the B2C space. Taking advantage of their presence at CES 2016, we helped them develop customer insight and identify key customer segments and value propositions for their new venture.

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How do you improve the quality of life for those living with chronic diseases? Lyfebulb is making it happen through different initiatives, such as a fund and a marketplace to empower patient entrepreneurs. We helped by creating a hybrid between an incubator and an innovation platform, defining and identifying a sustainable business model.

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A leader in the vaporization space, Grenco relied on us to focus and strengthen its product innovation pipeline and assess the market growth potential in each category.

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Surviving in an oversaturated market is difficult, so Earskinz needed highly differentiated packaging design to stand out. Our unique, custom solution won a Dieline Award, and earned Earskinz some major attention.

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MD Solar Sciences


Formulated with superior science, MD Solar Sciences needed a way to communicate the brand’s intelligence without boring or overburdening consumers. The solution? An eye-catching packaging design system that pointed to science, with drowning customers in it.




We adapt our services in terms of scope, approach, and delivery method to the specific needs of each client.This has given birth to five practices, each of them led by professionals with extensive experience in the field.







Company Was Founded


Countries We've Worked In


Finished Projects


International Offices


Million Dollars in New Revenue


After developing and qualifying tangible recommendations, we set a realistic road map for implementation, and then execute.

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“With Think Creative’s tools, we reshaped our business model to serve other heavy industry companies…This innovation in our company business model resulted in pathways to new industry, new markets, and new revenue generation. The return on our investment has been eye-opening, exponential, high-dollar growth.”

IVAN BAILLAC, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Business Development, Heavy Movement

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“Think Creative opened our eyes to utilization of our facility for other purposes to increase revenue and facility use with minimal staff need. Today, only three months into implementation, we have two contracts with bilingual schools for educational sessions that combine our core competency of showing films with bilingual and social media training for students.”

ANTONIO ARENAS, Executive Officer, Dreams Movie Theater

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“At First Stop / Bridgestone, to stay on the front of what is most meaningful to our clients, we have worked with Think Creative to train our top executives in Business Model improvement, reinvention and innovation. Thanks to Think Creative, our directors are for the first time sharing the same vision about our business model and have a common mindset and toolkit to generate new growth in our company.”

VERÓNICA ÁLVAREZ, HR Director, First Stop/ Bridgestone

“BBVA is arguably one of the most innovative banks worldwide. During my tenure as CEO of BBVA Solutions, we turned to Think Creative for help in internally developing new business models for support services to our corporate clients. Think Creative’s work exceeded our expectations.”

XAVI VILA, former CEO, BBVA Solutions


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